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Category: ALL (38 records) - 6 pm

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T_3000.JPGThis is something we haven't seen before. It is a road atlas but in a Pall Mall cigarette snapping case. You could easily put a new road map in this       ended
3001 T_3001.JPGTwo fuse boxes 1 1058 2.00   ended
3002 T_3002.JPGPassword game, small evening bag and miscellaneous fabic 1 2778 2.00   ended
3003 T_3003.JPGThis is a beautiful fall wreath. This was handmade by Kermit's mom, Evie Johnson.       ended
3004 T_3004.JPGThese are two cute nesting boxes. The outside ones are the purple and then pink and red fit inside them.       ended


T_3005.JPGThis is another Evie Johnson project. Beautiful jeweled Christmas tree for you wall and it lights up. Really need to stop in and see how very nice this is. 2 1185 10.25   ended
3006 T_3006.JPGCute Christmas bun basket, silver two section serving dish, coffee mug and bread tray       ended
3007 T_3007.JPGNew Clarity Ensemble 50 dB amplified caption video conferencing phone - see who you are talking to. No more P.J.'s!
This item has a reserve.
3008 T_3008.JPGThese are two new boxes of photo coasters. Put your favorite picture inside and use them every day. Four coasters in each box. 2 2251 3.00   ended
3009 T_3009.JPGVery nice needle work perpetual calendar and cute fall wall decoration. 1 2251 2.00   ended
3010 T_3010.JPGThese are beautiful hand painted handing mirrors with vases attached       ended
3011 T_3011.JPGMiscellaneous items including God Bless American window hanger.       ended
3012 T_3012.JPGBeautiful framed picture of Jesus. 1 2233 2.00   ended
3013 T_3013.JPGTwo 35 mm cameras - Olympus one comes with case       ended
3014 T_3014.JPGFour hard cover books including Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul.       ended
3015 T_3015.JPGThese are six little hors d'oeuvres USA pottery dishes       ended


T_3016.JPGBeautiful jewelry case with mirrored top. This is in perfect condition. Has four draws and also place in base to hang your necklaces.
This item has a reserve.
3017 T_3017.JPGThese mirrored wall decorations are something special to see. Stop in and take a look       ended
3018 T_3018.JPGThree little angels and a nice white wicker lidded basket       ended
3019 T_3019.JPGCrystal car clock that is running in the picture; vintage tin and book entitled "From Flappers to Flivvers". Anybody know what a "Flivver" is? 1 2251 2.00   ended
3020 T_3020.JPGThree handmade wall hangers and a metal one       ended
3021 T_3021.JPGSmall seashell mirror, hand towel and welcome sign       ended
3022 T_3022.JPGThis is a gift bag full of 16 other gift bags like the ones shown 1 2524 2.00   ended
3023 T_3023.JPGTwo beautiful round crystal trays and two ceramic figurines 1 1185 2.00   ended
3024 T_3024.JPGThree bud vases and a nice larger vase in amber glass 1 1185 2.00   ended
3025 T_3025.JPGVery nice table lamp. This stands about 3 feet tall and has three shelves. 1 1121 4.00   ended
3026 T_3026.JPGMiscellaneous items including a very nice silver picture frame for 4 x 5 picture       ended
3027 T_3027.JPGTwo canisters and vintage metal tea pot       ended
3028 T_3028.JPGFlower pot full of pincher clothes hangers; mail holder and a couple candles       ended
3029 T_3029.JPGVery nice milk glass bedside lamp       ended
3030 T_3030.JPGLarge tool box. This does have some miscellaneous tools in it. 4 2797 7.55   ended
3031 T_3031.JPGMiscellaneous items including tiny little angel; dream catcher; christmas sleigh and vintage yard stick from Our Own Hardwares       ended
3032 T_3032.JPGA man's and a boy's baseball gloves. The boy's glove is a Rawlings. 1 1665 2.00   ended
3033 T_3033.JPGCute little Vikings hugger pillow. 4 2814 6.00   ended
3034 T_3034.JPGAssortment of stuffed animals including a number of the smaller "Beanie Babies"       ended
3035 T_3035.JPGd       ended
3036 T_3036.JPGAssortment of picture frames including a FAMILY one that is magnetic       ended
3037 T_3037.JPGTwo beautiful picture frames for 8 x 10 pictures. These are very unusual frames that almost look pearlized       ended

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