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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (34 records) July 8 Saturday Antique War books Peterson - 6 pm

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T_9991.JPG1935 Horsemanship and Animal Management from the Calvary school       ended
9992 T_9992.JPG1974 Operators manual for the Carrier, Guided missile equipment       ended
9993 T_9993.JPGVintage Wings of NOrway book 1 2099 2.00   ended
9994 T_9994.JPG1951 Historical Study of Military Improvisions during the Russian campaign       ended
9995 T_9995.JPGUS News And World report 40 years after Korea       ended
9996 T_9996A.JPG1980 Operators manual for Transporter mobile floating assault bridge/ferry       ended
9997 T_9997.JPG1965 Undersea Vehicles for Oceanography book       ended
9998 T_9998.JPG1967 Naval Historical Foundation Publication of the INcredible Overland Rescue       ended
9999 T_9999.JPG1931 German Der Lutherander       ended
100 T_100.JPG1950 Life of the Soldier and Airman magazine       ended


T_101.JPG1954 National Park Service Historical handbook on the National Monument Fort Pulaski       ended
102 T_102.JPG1951 Life of the Soldier and Airman magazine       ended


T_103.JPG1962 pictoral arsenal of America's combat weapons hardcover book 1 1124 2.00   ended
104 T_104.JPG1951 Canadian Army training pamphlet       ended
105 T_105.JPG1940s Us Marine Corps Womens's reserve manual 1 2099 2.00   ended
106 T_106.JPG1964 Marine Corps Stock list catalog 1 2099 2.00   ended
107 T_107.JPG1994 50 years after DDAy magazine 1 1124 2.00   ended
108 T_108.JPG1948 Life of the American Soldier and Airman magazine 1 1124 2.00   ended
109 T_109B.JPG1992 50 years after Dday paper 1 1124 2.00   ended
110 T_110.JPG1951 Life of the Soldier and Airman magazine       ended
111 T_111.JPG1963 Cross & Cockade Journal WW1       ended
112 T_112.JPG1951 Life of the Airman and Soldier magazine       ended
113 T_113.JPG1988 Wheels & Tracks International review of military vehicles       ended
114 T_114.JPG1968 volume b lifting loading and hauling equipment manual       ended
115 T_115.JPG1973 Special analysis of wheeled vehicles report       ended
116 T_116.JPG1972 Winch assembley technical manual       ended
117 T_117.JPGFramed Ford Motor company WW2 framed ad       ended
118 T_118.JPGFramed Ford Motor company WW2 framed ad       ended
119 T_119.JPGFramed Ford Motor company WW2 framed ad       ended
120 T_120.JPGFramed Ford Motor company WW2 framed ad       ended
121 T_121.JPG1957-1963 aircraft carrier units magazine       ended
122 T_122.JPGPlease pick up your items in a timely manner Thank you       ended
123 T_123.JPGWW2 tank pictures 2 1124 3.00   ended
124 T_124.JPGVintage war pictures 1 2099 2.00   ended

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