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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (42 records) September 2 - Saturday auction - Watertown 6:00 PM Central Time

Item Photo Description Bids High
Next Bid
939 T_939.JPG2 Vintage axes 3 1518 9.15   ended
940 T_940.JPGCute little metal doll bed and doll chair 1 2639 2.00   ended
941 T_941.JPGHand painted aluminum coffee pot 1 2030 2.00   ended
942 T_942.JPGVery nice oil lamp in original box. Never been removed from box or used       ended
943 T_943.JPGFive small ceramic flower pots 1 1185 2.00   ended
944 T_944.JPGVintage wooden doll high chair. This is in very nice condition and cute as can be 1 1185 4.00   ended
945 T_945.JPGAluminum flag with saying on it. Perfect to hang outside and show your patriotism 2 2668 5.00   ended
946 T_946.JPGVintage wooden tray       ended
947 T_947.JPGTall empty wine bottle and two small glass candy/cookie jars with lids       ended
948 T_948.JPGVery nice vintage magazine holder       ended
949 T_949.JPGWhat looks like copper planter and tin hanging flower pot       ended
950 T_950.JPGNew in box tape dispenser for box tax; cheese shaker and file folder (which really resembles a purse)       ended
951 T_951.JPGTwo very nice wicker baskets       ended
952 T_952.JPGLap tray; dog dish and little jewelry case       ended
953 T_953.JPGTwo vintage aluminum coffee pots and round egg ring. 2 1058 3.00   ended


T_954.JPGFootprints picture and cute little chicken picture which is a vintage ad for "Bon Ami" 1 1884 2.00   ended
955 T_955.JPGVintage sifter; watering can and strainer       ended
956 T_956.JPGBeautiful wooden doll cradle. This is in great shape 1 1185 4.00   ended
957 T_957.JPGSolid oak shelf. This is very nice and very heavy 1 1185 2.00   ended
958 T_958.JPGThis wrought iron patio set needs some tender loving care and it could be restored beautiful. Table with glass top and two chairs. Chairs have wicker caning. 4 1462 22.00   ended
959 T_959.JPGMiscellaneous kitchen items and "Spam" tin bank 1 1185 2.00   ended
960 T_960.JPGClothes basket and waste basket 1 2735 1.00   ended
961 T_961.JPGBeautiful little baby quilt       ended


T_962.JPGThis is a complete twin bed set. Bed skirt; comforter; sheets, pillow case and two pillow shams 1 2251 4.00   ended
963 T_963.JPGThese little horse and wagons say "brewery" on the wagon. Made of plaster and metal. They are each 7 inches long       ended
964 T_964.JPGMiscellaneous foot products       ended
965 T_965.JPGSet of 2 Pontiac wheel covers in very nice shape 6 2026 12.00   ended
966 T_966.JPGNice set of 4 Chevrolet wheel covers with the plastic inserts 3 2778 4.00   ended
967 T_967.JPGSet of 4 Pontiac wheel covers 2 1240 6.00   ended
968 T_968.JPGElectric portable heater and fuzz shaver       ended
969 T_969.JPG3 wheel cover that fit a 1999 Pontiac Gran Am 1 2642 2.00   ended
970 T_970.JPGMiscellaneous yard tools 7 2668 10.00   ended
971 T_971.JPGThree rakes and a bamboo fishing pole 1 2735 2.00   ended
972 T_972.JPGThis is a very nice wooden and embroidered directors chair       ended
973 T_973.JPGBeautiful original oil painting by artist Sandy Soffe       ended
974 T_974.JPGThis Bowling game needs some work but could be loads of fun for your children 3 2312 12.00   ended
975 T_975.JPGMiscellaneous kitchen items including two outlet covers; two potato mashers; two knives; some plastic utensils, wicker basket and potato peeler       ended
976 T_976.JPGLarge assortment of silver utensils 3 2026 5.25   ended
977 T_977.JPGNice sled for your children. Snow isn't THAT far away!! 1 1189 2.00   ended
978 T_978.JPGFor all you golfers out there - these four little puppies are having a terrible time in the hazards!       ended
979 T_979.JPGThis beautiful oil knife painting is by Artist Hauge       ended
980 T_980.JPGAnother very nice knife original oil by Artist Van Bell       ended

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